Imagine…a peaceful dinner time where everyone ate the healthy food that was served. 

It’s possible. All you need are the right resources and a support system to get you there. 

You’ve heard it all before: 
“I won’t eat that”
“Can’t we get McDonald’s?”
“I’m not hungry”

“Ugh! I’ve got the pickiest kids!”

And each time it comes up, it leaves you frustrated that you can’t take care of your family the way you want.

We believe that shared meals should be families closer together; not farther apart. We understand the challenges picky kids add to your meal planning mix, which is why we created the…

Picky Kid Club

Specially created for busy moms of picky kids, to make your life easier.

ONLY $47/month

Are you ready for a more peaceful dinner time?

Here’s how we do it:

  • Simplify meal prep for picky eaters with tips, tricks and cooking classes; and
  • ​Empower your meal mindset to continually grow your healthy eating strategies; and
  • ​Provide on-going support to help you stay focused & confident. 

So, sign up today! This special introductory pricing is only available for a limited time. 


And if you haven’t already, check out the How to Deal with Your Picky Kid video mini-series here, re-watch it again, or share it with your friends.

You can stop feeling like dinner time is battle time, and instead create peace around the dinner table.

Here’s how it’s worked for some of our friends and family!

Renee DeSilva Bissell
I’m excited to learn more about helping him learn how to eat a healthier diet he enjoys rather than our current fights about eating what is served. I am looking forward to making our meals more peaceful and enjoyable, filled with more laughter than bribes.

Mariana Norton
As a mom of two teenagers, I imagined that my kids would outgrow being picky kids. That hasn't happened. With a deeper understanding of their "pickiness," I'm experiencing less guilt and more peaceful family meals.

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